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Meet Ford Gilbert
G Ford Gilbert, PhD, JD is the innovator of the Artificial Pancreas Treatment® using the Bionica Infusion Device, generating increased ATP by mimicking normal stimulation of the liver and other tissues.

The Artificial Pancreas System® (APS) is Natural and results in a new type of dynamic homeostasis. It mimics normal pancreatic insulin stimulation of the liver, it results in normalized carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, it stops the complications and the tissues heal themselves, it needs only be used 2 to 4 times a month to achieve these results. After approximately 6 months, some patients can be treated at home.

Dr Gilbert has conducted 18 years of intensive research out of which 12 years with Type II diabetes in leading universities with consistent outcomes. Tight glucose control does not stop complications because tight control does not provide proper metabolism where as Artificial Pancreas restores proper resting metabolism the core problem of both Type I and Type II Diabetes. APS addresses the core problem, everything about diabetes improves. If APS did not treat every complication (a panacea) then we would know APS was not treating the core problem effectively.

Mitochondrion are little organelles that provide energy to each cell by converting foodstuffs into adenosine triphosphate – commonly known as ATP. The mitochondria of people with diabetes do not receive the signals and enzymes from the liver necessary to properly burn carbohydrates.